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I love being at the forefront of technology, connecting with entrepreneurs, and creating experiences to inspire moments that matter.

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Here's some background: After serving 5 years with the US Navy, I'm on a journey to keep learning about entrepreneurship through my experiences starting, building, and advising tech startups.

For 6 years, I lived in San Francisco working on my own startups (AngelHack, StartupList, Advsor) and mostly on Mattermark, where I wrote the Mattermark Daily newsletter (and was their 1st marketing hire & longest employed person). When Mattermark was acquired, I created Frost Ventures and did marketing consulting for companies like CoinCircle, CoinState,, and multiple other companies to help them scale their customer base and to organize their marketing operations.

I'm still doing some marketing consulting, but my passion is building Bello Pizza.Bello Pizzais a mobile food catering business located in Los Angeles. We serve pizzas, meatballs, chicken wings, and salads that have been uniquely created by our head Chef, Enzo. Having worked with many tech brands and served our food at over 30 locations, we're excited to keep scaling from the mobile ovens we have to food trucks, and beyond.

Here's a bit more of my background and how I sold my first startup to Mattermark.

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