Nick Frost

marketing, growth, and startups in West Hollywood, CA

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I love startups and passionate people. After serving 5 years with the US Navy, I'm on a journey learning about entrepreneurship through my experiences starting, building, and advising technology companies.

Recently, I moved to Los Angeles from San Francisco to have a lifestyle change. After living in San Francisco for 6 years and working in that startup bubble, I felt it was time to move to a place where I could experience more industry diversity, reconnect with long-time friends, and start a new chapter of my life and career.

Here's a bit more of my background and how I sold my first startup to Mattermark.

Chat with me on Twitter, connect on LinkedIn, or email me (contact form below) about startups, marketing, or just life in general. I'm looking forward to connecting, learning from you, and seeing how I can help you succeed!

Feel free to reach out!

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