Nick Frost

marketing, growth, and startups in Hollywood, CA

I love being at the forefront of technology, connecting with entrepreneurs, and everything newsletters. The best way to get in touch is to text me: (323) 405-8835

Here's some background: After serving 5 years with the US Navy, I'm on a journey learning about entrepreneurship through my experiences starting, building, and advising tech startups.

For 6 years, I lived in San Francisco working on my own startups (AngelHack, StartupList, Advsor) and mostly on Mattermark, where I wrote the Mattermark Daily newsletter (and was their 1st marketing hire & longest employed person).

Here's a bit more of my background and how I sold my first startup to Mattermark.

In 2017, I moved to Los Angeles for a change of lifestyle. That led me down the path of working with crypto companies, which was an interesting learning experience. 2019 was a year filled with working at, an AI-driven software testing platform, but ended in early 2020 with a round of layoffs.

This year has been quite a journey, so far. The first 3 months turned out to be a much needed time for a break from working hard on startups, but on myself. In April, I joined a talented team of people to help laid-off tech people get introduced to hiring managers via the project. If you're hiring or looking for a job, go check it out.

Now, I'm working full-time at DocSend as the Community Growth Manager. With DocSend being a centerpiece of the startup and investor landscape, it's a perfect fit for my experience and passion. There, I'm writing the Startup Index Newsletter, helping founder raise $$ through the DocSend Fundraising Network, and other exciting projects.

Text me: (323) 405-8835

Chat with me on Twitter, connect on LinkedIn, or email me (contact form below) about startups, marketing, or just life in general. I'm looking forward to connecting, learning from you, and seeing how I can help you succeed!

Feel free to reach out!

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